Dates and Math

Modulus 10 check digit calculation function
Mortgage Loan Calculator
Numerical Integration (Single variable function)
Output Prime Numbers and Prime Factors
Pause your Application Using the DateDiff function
Perform Fractional Arithmetic
Perform Real & Complex Matrix Operations
Permutation, Combination, and Factorial Calculator
Plot 3D Functions
Polar Graph 1.0 (games and animations also included)
Polygon\Region area calculator
Polynomial Functions
Polynomial Interpolation
Portable Random Number Generator
Pounds to Kilograms Conversion and Vice Versa
Properly Validate Credit Card Numbers
Proportion solver 1.0.0; Find Proportional Quantities
Psuedo-Random 8-Digit Prime Number Generator
Pythagoras in VB6
Quadratic Equation Solver
Quadratic Equation Solver 2
Quadratic Equation Solving Function
Quantum Circuit Simulator
Random Shuffle Array Function
Really Simple Calculator
Relative Atomic Mass Calculator
Replacement for VBs IsDate
Retrieve all Permutations for a Given Number
Retrieve The Week Number For a Given Date
Return a Date X Number of Days Before or After a Given Date
Return a Date X Number of Weeks Before or After a Given Date
Return a Group of Dates Within Parameters
Return a Triangle's Angle Given the Length of the Sides
Return Maximum Combinations of a Number Range
Return the Current Time Exact to the Millisecond
Return the Decimal Portion of a Number
Return the difference Between Two or More Instances in HH:MM:SS
Return the last day (as date) of any month given a date
Return the Monday Date for a Given Week
Return the Month Ending Date
Return the Moon Phase for a Given Date
Return the Number of Business Days between Any Two Dates
Return the Statistical Median of a Set of Numbers
Returns Daylight Saving Change Date (Last Sunday in October)
Rnd and Randomize Demo
Roman Numeral Converter
Roman to Arabic/Arabic to Roman Numeral Converter
Round a Number to Any Precision
Round a Number to the Nearest Fraction (16th, 32nd, etc.)
Round Up or Down to the Nearest Specified Value

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