Dates and Math

Find The Greatest Common Divisor of Two Integers Using Euclid's Algorithm
Find the Last Working Day Of Next Month
Find Which Block of 50 a Number Lies in; e.g. 100-150
Finding Daylight Savings Beginning and End
Finds the simplified nth root of a number
Five Clocks
Format Date To HH:MM AMPM Format in ASP
Function to Determine If a Given Year is a Leapyear.
Function to Make Now dates Sortable in Listviews, etc.
Function to Test a Date for BST (British Summer Time)
Functions Return Course Heading, Direction, and Distance Between Two Points.
Generate a Random Number Between Two Specified Values
Generate a Series of Non-Repeating Random Numbers
Generate Fractal Designs in VB (Version 2)
Get Number of Days in a Month Using the DateSerial Function
Given a date, find the date of the previous Sunday.
Graph Mathematical Functions
Graphing application that utilizes its own text parser
Guaranteed Valid Date/Time Input Using Calendar Control
Hamming & Levenshtein Distance; Text Subclassing Example
High Degree polynomial solver
High Precision Square and Cube Roots Functions
High-Precision Heliocentric Earth Orbit Computation
HiWord, LoWord, HiByte, LoByte, MakeInt and MakeLong
HiWord/LoWord Extraction and Combination for Long Integers
Hours of Operation Template Form
How To Convert Numbers Into Time Notation
Improved Random Number Generator
Input a 4 digit year, determine if year is a leap year.
Inverse Factorial Calculator
Is Date Daylight Savings Time
Krusty the Clown Time Calendar
Least-Sqaure Fit Demo;Solving a Set of Equations
Line Drawing Based on Trigonometric Calculation
Linear Equation Graphing Calculator
Linear System Solver
Linear System Solver and Determinant
Loan Calculator
Lotto Assistant/Combination Calculator Version 2.2
Mass/Weight Force Conversion Module
Math Game Using Different levels of Skill
Math Quiz Application
Mathematical Expression Evaluator
Maths behind Bezier Curve
Matrix Inverse and Transpose Calculator
Matrix Math Library v 2.0
Matrix operations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication)
Mean Value and Standard Deviation of function f(x,y) calculation with Monte Carlo Simulation
Minimum, Maximum, Average, and Standard Deviation from Array
Module for Calculating Julian and Gregorian Dates

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