Dates and Math

Calendar That Could Be Extended to Scheduler
Calendar that Runs In the System Tray.
Calendar: 1 Month with Highlighting in Excel
CDateHour - Convert From DateTime, Rounding Down To The Nearest Hour
Check Digit MOD 10 w/ weights 7-5-3-2
Check If a Date/time Value is During Daylight Savings or Standard Time
Chocolate Mathematics (Math Trick)
Class to calculate sunrise and sunset
Clock and Electronic Chronometer
Compare dates to Determine which one is Later
Compare two Time Values to Determine Which is Earlier
Complete Year Ctrl
Comprehensive Conversion Application
Compute CRC Checksum
Compute Geodesic Distance between Earth surface Coordinates
Conversion Between Different Units of Length
Conversion between local and UTC times
Convert a numeric value to binary
Convert Seconds to Minutes (or Minutes to Hours) in 0:00 format
Convert a Date to a Julian Date (one-line function)
Convert a Decimal Number to Any Base (Bin, Oct, Hex)
Convert a Decimal Number to Binary
Convert a Decimal to a Fraction
Convert a Hexadecimal Number to a Base 10 Value
Convert a Long Integer to a Byte Array
Convert any amount of money to programmed currencies or add your own.
Convert any Date Value to Julian Date Value
convert base 10 to any other base
Convert Byte Array to Corresponding Numeric Value
Convert Bytes to Megabytes
Convert Bytes to the Appropriate Format (Bytes, KB, MB, GB)
Convert French Francs to Euro
Convert Hijri Dates to and from Gregorian
Convert Long Integer to Binary Value
Convert Number To Time
Convert Pro - Comprehensive Value Conversion Tool
Convert Seconds Into Minutes in Decimal Format
Convert seconds or a date range to hours, minutes, seconds (hh:mm:ss
Convert Seconds to a String as D:H:M:S
Convert Seconds to a String like "1 day, 17 hours, 12 minutes, 11 seconds"
Convert Seconds to Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Convert Seconds to Hours, Minutes Seconds as h:mm:ss
Convert seconds to Hours, Minutes, and Seconds
Convert Seconds to Other Time Metrics
Convert Times Across Different Time Zones
Convert Values Between Different Bases
Convert your system date to MM/dd/yyyy for Y2K
Converts a Long numeral to an 8 character Hex value
Converts a square root to simplest radical form
Correlation Coefficient Calculation Module

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