Dates and Math


A Basic Pythagoras Implementation in VB6
A Cool Calculator
A Simple Digital Clock
A Simple Interest Rate Project
A Very Simple Calculator
Adding Machine
Analog Clock
Beginner's Demo: Average Calcuation
Bezier Curve
Byte Conversion Program
Calcualte Relative Date from Today (Leap Year Aware)
Calculate a person's age
Calculate a Person's Age Using DateSerial Function
Calculate a Person's Exact Age
Calculate Elapsed Time Given Start & End Dates/Times
Calculate Mod 10 Check Digit
Calculate n Prime Numbers
Calculate One-Sample T Statistics
calculate prime numbers
Calculates mathematical operations, like Windows Calculator.
Calculator 2
Calculator For Beginners
Calculator With Extra Functions
Calendar Application
Calendar: 1 Month with Highlighting in Excel
CDateHour - Convert From DateTime, Rounding Down To The Nearest Hour
Chocolate Mathematics (Math Trick)
Compare dates to Determine which one is Later
Compare two Time Values to Determine Which is Earlier
Conversion Between Different Units of Length
Conversion between local and UTC times
Convert a numeric value to binary
Convert Seconds to Minutes (or Minutes to Hours) in 0:00 format
Convert a Date to a Julian Date (one-line function)
Convert a Hexadecimal Number to a Base 10 Value
Convert any amount of money to programmed currencies or add your own.
convert base 10 to any other base
Convert Bytes to Megabytes
Convert Bytes to the Appropriate Format (Bytes, KB, MB, GB)
Convert Hijri Dates to and from Gregorian
Convert Number To Time
Convert Seconds Into Minutes in Decimal Format
Convert seconds or a date range to hours, minutes, seconds (hh:mm:ss
Convert Seconds to a String as D:H:M:S
Convert Seconds to a String like "1 day, 17 hours, 12 minutes, 11 seconds"
Converts a square root to simplest radical form
Date/Time Generator For Report Testing
Day of Week Function
Determine How Many Days are Left in the Year
Determine if a Given Date Falls on a Weekend

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