Dates and Math


3D Grid Waves Animation
3D Mesh Collision Detection
6/49 Lotto Combination Generator
A Calendar Example Similar to Windows Date and Time properties
A Cool Calculator
A Simple Interest Rate Project
A simple program that solves a given set of linear equations.
Adding Machine
Alarm that Displays Reminder on the Screen
Amortization Calculator
An Analog Clock in VB6 With an Easy Algorithm.
Analog Clock
ANT: Chaos Engine v 1.3.6
Astronomical and Date Calculation Program
Base convertor: Decimal, Binary, Hex and ASCII
Beginner's Demo: Average Calcuation
Bezier Curve
Boolean Expression Calculator
Byte Conversion Program
Calculate Dates for Moon Phases
calculate prime numbers
Calculate The Area of Intersected Circles
Calculates mathematical operations, like Windows Calculator.
Calculator 2
Calendar Application
Calendar for Months between Year 1899 to Year 2101
Calendar That Could Be Extended to Scheduler
Calendar that Runs In the System Tray.
Chocolate Mathematics (Math Trick)
Clock and Electronic Chronometer
Complete Year Ctrl
Comprehensive Conversion Application
Convert any amount of money to programmed currencies or add your own.
Convert Hijri Dates to and from Gregorian
Convert Pro - Comprehensive Value Conversion Tool
Convert Times Across Different Time Zones
Create Graphical Output for Mathematical Functions
Custom Calendar and Date Picker
Decimal Base Converter
Demo of Various Mathematical Functions and Algorithms
Draw Line Graph of any Math Expression
Draw Sin,Cos, and Tan waves on a form
Easy Number Sorter
Evaluate Formulas Using Microsoft Script Control: Demo Applications
Evaluation of Mathematical Expressions
Explore Bifurcation With VB6
Expression Evaluator (STRING Calculator)
Fast Prime Number Calculator
Financial Calculator
Find Next Item Matching a Given Numerical Pattern

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