Dates and Math

3D Grid Waves Animation
3D Mesh Collision Detection
6/49 Lotto Combination Generator
A Basic Pythagoras Implementation in VB6
A Calendar Example Similar to Windows Date and Time properties
A Cool Calculator
A Function That Computes the Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors For a Real Symmetric Matrix
A Module to Generate Prime Numbers
A Simple Digital Clock
A Simple Interest Rate Project
A simple program that solves a given set of linear equations.
A String Mathematical Calculator
A Very Simple Calculator
Adding Machine
Alarm that Displays Reminder on the Screen
Amortization Calculator
An Analog Clock in VB6 With an Easy Algorithm.
Analog Clock
Angle to XY
ANT: Chaos Engine v 1.3.6
ArcSine in Degrees or Radians
Astronomical and Date Calculation Program
Base Conversion
Base Conversion Class
Base convertor: Decimal, Binary, Hex and ASCII
Basic functions for complex numbers
Beginner's Demo: Average Calcuation
Bezier Curve
Bitwise Left Shift and Right Shift for VB
Boolean Expression Calculator
Byte Conversion Program
Calcualte Relative Date from Today (Leap Year Aware)
Calculate a person's age
Calculate a Person's Age Using DateSerial Function
Calculate a Person's Exact Age
Calculate an Interpolated Value.
Calculate Dates for Moon Phases
Calculate Elapsed Time Given Start & End Dates/Times
Calculate Mod 10 Check Digit
Calculate n Prime Numbers
Calculate One-Sample T Statistics
calculate prime numbers
Calculate The Area of Intersected Circles
Calculate the standard deviation of elements in an array
Calculates mathematical operations, like Windows Calculator.
Calculator 2
Calculator For Beginners
Calculator With Extra Functions
Calendar Application
Calendar for Months between Year 1899 to Year 2101

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