A Basic DAO Connection Method
Add a Database to a SQL Server
Add a New Table to an Access Database
Add a User to an SQL Server
Adjust DataGrids Column Width Based on Longest Field in Underlying Source
ADO Connection, Command, Recordset, and Parameter Object Example
ADO ConnectionString Maker for Available DSNs
ADO NextRecordset Method Demonstration
Alter a String in a VB program for use in an SQL statement
Assign Data from a Recordset to FlexGrid
Back up a SQL Database Using SQL/DMO
Book Review: Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with XML
Bulk Copy SQL Server Data
Change a Password for an Access Database
Change Field Size in MS Access at Runtime using DAO
Check if a MS Excel or Access file is password protected
Compact an Access Database
Compact and Repair a User Level secured Access database
Connect ORACLE
Connect to a Secure Access Database Using ADO
Connect to an Oracle DB Using ADO
Controlling an Automation Server with Early Binding
Convert IBM Packed Decimal from DISAM DB to Integer
Convert Missing or Invalid Dates in Databases to Null
Create a Database, Tables, Columns and Indexes Using ADOX
Create a System DSN
Create an Access 2000 Database Using ADOX
Create an Access Database
Create SQL System DSN Through Registry Edits
Create Your DSNs at Runtime
Creating a Dataset with Customized Columns and Rows
Creating a Login Form That connect to the database to check the user and password that listed
Determine if a field exists in an Access table
Determine if a table exists in an Access database
Determine if an ADO Field Value Could Evaluate to a String
Determine if an ADO Field's Type is a String
Determine if an ADO Recordset Has Records
Determine Which and How many Users are Connected to a Database
Display the ADO Connection Window (ADO DB Designer)
DSN-Less Connection to an Access or SQL Server Database Demo (VB)
Edit an Excel file in MS FlexGrid Before Importing into SQL server
Export a DAO Recordset to an Excel Spreadsheet
Export a Recordset to a Delimited Text File Without Iterating the Recordset
Export Access Tables to Other Formats Using a SQL Statement
Export an Access Table to an Excel Spreadsheet
Export an ADO Recordset to a Text File
Get the Names of All Fields From a Table in an Access Database
Get the Names of All Non-System Databases in an MS SQL Server
Get the Names of All Non-System Tables in an Access Database
Import a Delimited Text File into a Database

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