SmartSQL Version 1.01 -- Automates Generation of SQL Statements
Sophisticated Equation Processor
SQL and Access Wrapper Classes (VB.NET)
SQL Cache Dependency
SQL Composer: Automates Generation of SQL
SQL Server Database Encapsulator
SQL Server Security DLL: Encapsulates Database Roles and Users
Stack Class
Stack Data Structure Class
Stock Quote .DLL
String Class
SubClass without IDE Crash
Subclassed Common Dialog used to Preview Winamp Playlist before Opening It.
Suppress Default Popup Menu for Text Boxes
System Metrics Class
SystemInfo Class and SystemInfo.dll Version 2.0
Tranluscent Windows OCX
TrayIcon.dll With Windows 2000 Features and User Drawn Menus
Unipicture: Provides Advanced Features for Bitmap and Icon Handling
Upload Files From an ASP Page: Version 1.51
Use this DLL to add CGI scripting functionality into your visual basic application.
Use Undocumented MSOffice Graphic Filters to Convert Images Across Formats
User Drawn List Box, Combo Box, and Edit Controls
User Drawn Menu Class Version 4.1
User Drawn Popup Menu Class
Using Context Menus for handling Shortcuts Keys
Validate Bank Routing Numbers (VB.NET)
Validate Credit Card Numbers (VB.NET)
VB.NET Data Access Layer for SQLLite 3
vbSendMail.dll Version 3.65-- Easy E-mail Sending in VB, with Attachments
Vector (Collection Enhancement) Class
Visual Basic Implementation of the 256-bit Serpent Encryption Algorithm.
Window Blinds Toolbar (Full Implementation)
Windowless, Sizable Rectangle
Windows XP Sound Library .DLL
Wrapper Class to Build/Display Data in Excel Sheets
Write to the Console Using VB6
Write to the Event Viewer
XML Reading, Parsing, and Writing Classes
Zooms, scales an image

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