Obtain Memory Status
Obtaining Information Of CPU
Obtaining Shell DLL Versions
ODBC API Encapsulator
OS Version Information with Windows 2000 VerifyVersionInfo API (Backwards Compatible)
PakFile: Packs Multiple Files To and Extracts From Single File
Persist and Reload COM Objects via XML
Persist Objects Using the Property Bag: Demo
Print To a Picturebox with VB.NET
PRNG - Random Number Generator
Publish code to HTML using VB IDE Colors
Queue Data Structure Class
Quickly Convert DataSets/DataTables To AText File
RAS Statistics
Read Binary Files in ASP
Read Excel and Text Files Using ADO
Registry Access Wrapper Class
Registry API Wrapper
Registry Handler
Registry Manipluation .DLL
Replacement for VBs IsDate
Resize Class
Resize Class 2
Resize Controls Proportionally when a Form is Resized
Resolve Host Names/IP Addresses (VB.NET)
Retrieve Information about Access using ADO2.1
Return image type and size from JPEG, GIF, BMP, & PNG files.
Return Image Type and Size from JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and TIFF files.
Rich, Multipurpose Library for VB6.
RRS PaintLib v3.0.7
RSS News Processor .DLL with RSS Reader Client
Run a Program in the Security Context of any User
Save StdPictures (BMPs) in .GIF Format with Optional Transparency
Save Time and Effort by Overloading Operators.
Secure Encryption
Send Wake Up signals to Wake-On-LAN capable computers on an IP network
Serializes/Deserialize COM Objects to/from XML
Session Watcher - See Who's Connected to Your PC and What Files Are Being Accessed
Set a Printer from the Printers collection as the Default
SHA-256 One Way Encryption: VB and ASP Implementation
Simple Graphics Effects Class
Simple HashTable Example
Simple Logging Class
Simple Message Box .DLL
Simple XML Retrieval Class XMLSimple
Simulates keystrokes using keybd_event
Sleeper Component
SmartForm class -- routines for aligning and positioning controls
smartSQL Class (Auto SQL Statement Generator) Conversion from VB6 to Found Original Class on
SmartSQL Class -- Automates Generation of SQL Statements (VB.NET Version)

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