Flexible, But Efficient, INI-File Reader/Writer
Form Controls Manipulation
FTP API Encapsulator
FTP Transfer Class, using wininet.dll
Generate a Graphic Dynamically in ASP (Demo)
Generate/Validate License Keys Based on User Name
Generic Extended Collection with Sorting Methods
Get all Files and Subdirectory Names Within a Path Without Recursion (VB5)
Get BIOS Information
Get IP Address by parsing website
Get System Information Using WMI in VB.NET
Get System Up Time (VB.NET)
Graphics Engine (DirectX 7 wrapper)
Hive - Alternative to Collection and Dictionary
How to Get CPU Usage Per Thread
How To: Write, Modify, Remove, Read Application Settings From Configuration File
Icon Class (VB.NET)
ID3 Tag Class
Implement a Custom Callback Scheme for Client and Server Objects
Implement MovePrevious and MoveNext in Array, Collection, or Dictionary
Implement VB5/6 Style Control Arrays In VB.NET
Inheritance in Visual Basic.NET: Demonstration
INI file Manager DLL
INI File Manipulation Class Module
INI Handler
ini replacement to xml format
Internet Connection/Dial-Up Networking Class
IP Address String Handler
JavaScript-Like String Object Class
Label Creator and Printer (uses Active Reports)
Large Library of Cryptographic Algorithms for VB Version 2.0
Launch a VB Program From The IE Context Menu
Line Drawing Class
Linear Regression and Standard Deviation
List All Active Processes
Logging Class For Visual Basic.NET
Map Drives to Novell Netware or MS NT Servers
Mathematical Expression Evaluator
Matrix operations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication)
Memory Device Context Drawing Class
Message Logger (Error or Otherwise)
Most Recently Used Items Class
MP3 Cataloger 2
MS Outlook Add-In: Send to Junk Senders List and Delete (v 1.3)
MsgBox Replacement
msoutlook vb source code
Non-API .Ini File Manipilation Class
Object Oriented International Functions
Obtain Current and Maximum Screen Display and Color Resolution
Obtain Detailed Information About a File

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