Database Login Manager Class (VB.NET)
Database Polymorphism
db4o Open Source Object Database
Decimal, Binary, Octal and Hex Converter
Desktop Toolbar Class
Detect Previous Process Instances Using a Mutex, Optional in User Context
Dictionary class
Dictionary/Tree Class: Stores Data in a Tree-Like Structure
Display DAO Database Properties in a TreeView Control
Display or Close Forms with Two Cool Effects
Display Progress Indicator on Top of Modal Forms
Display Recordset Data in a ListView Control
Dock Forms to the Edge of the Desktop
Drag File Names from Windows Explorer to Controls in Your Application.
Draw Your Own Menus to make Office-style picture menus
Duplicate Common Controls From Remote Processes
Dxsma(Pre-Alpha) , Directx helping functions(DLL)
Dynamic array class for Strings
Dynamic Integer Array Class
Dynamic MessageBox Class
Easily Read/Write Single Values Using a Given Database.
Easy Access to the Registry
Easy To Use and Extendable Script Interpreter
Employees Collection Class Example
Encapsulator of XML Features in SQL Server 2000
Enhance the functionality of List Boxes and Combo Boxes
Enhance the Functionality of the Timer Control
Enhanced Printer object with Preview v. 1.60
Enhanced Version of InputBox
Enhancment of the VB Collection Object
Enumerate a list of machines in the local workgroup or domain
Error Handler Class
Evaluation Class that Performs Evals Within String
Event Logger for Win 9x/NT/2000
Excel Object Model Wrapper
eXMLs - a Pure VB XML parser
Export Data from ADO Recordsets to XML
Extract Default Icon for a Given File Extension
Faster Way To Add Records To Any Table
FIFO/LIFO Stacks in VB
File Hander: Reader, Write, Encrypt, and Decrypt Files (RC4 Algorithm)
File Management Classes
File Mapping Class Module
File Search and File Property API Classes
File Search Component using Windows API
File System Class
File System Watcher Class Demo (VB.NET)
File Upload via ASP (Pure ASP Solution, no .DLL)
FileSystemInfoSorter Class with Demo (VB.NET)
Find Location of Various Windows System Folders

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