Binary Tree Class
Binclass: a simple array structure for collecting numeric data.
Calendar Class
Call API functions by Name, without Declare, v 2.0
Capture the Output of a DOS application
Card Game Objects: Cards, Decks, Hands, Players, BlackJackGame
Card Shuffling Using Class Module
Cards32: DLL for Creating Card Games
CDlgEx -- Encapsulates Windows Dialog Functions into One Class
Center a Form on Multi-Monitor Desktops
Change cursor to an HourGlass and forget about it
change internet explorer offline mode by
Change the colors of the Windows ProgressBar
Class for Automatic Rich Text Box Coloring and Formatting (VB.NET)
Class for Creating Shaped Forms (v 1.1)
Class to Build Cascading Pop-up Menus
Class to calculate sunrise and sunset
Class to Export Database Tables to Text File
Class to sort MSFlexGrid
Classes to Resize/Reposition Controls when Form is Resized
CNetConn: Internet Connection Class Module
Collection Class Derived From VB's Collection Object
CommonDialog control replacement.
Component for Sorting/Processing Recordset Hierarchies
Control Resizer Class
Convert Across Units of Measurements
Convert Excel SpreadSheets to Access Databases
Convert Numbers to Words with VB.NET
Convert Numerals (0 to 999 trillion) to English Words
Convert XML To Word Documents
Create and Validate License Keys for your Applications (Version 2.0)
Create Excel Workbook (BIFF8) without having Excel Installed
Create Excel Workbook (BIFF8) without having Excel Installed (Updated)
Create Gradient Effects on Forms or Picture Boxes
Create or Manipulate INI Files Easily
Create/Edit UDL (Universal Data Language) Files Version 2.3
Create/Recover File Backups (Class Module)
Creates a Drop Shadow For a Form
CryptoAPI Wrapper
Crystal Reports Push Model Conversion Utility (.NET)
CSocketMaster - Winsock API Implementation Class
CSV File Reading Class
CSV File Reading Class (Access Fields by Name)
CSV File Reading Class (Quote enclosed data friendly version)
cTreeView: Wrapper to Enhance TreeView Control v 2.3
CueCat Barcode Scanner/Decoder
Custom ToolTips Dll (Version 2.0)
CWizard Class: Simplifies Wizard Development
Data Shaping and And Data Object Information Using ADODB and ADOX
Data Source Class For ADO Recordset Operations

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