"Dancing Mouse" -- Randomly Move the Mouse Pointer
.NET System Information Class Demo
10 Seconds (Simple Game)
10 Square Tic-Tac-Toe
216 Color Pallette
3D Label Control Part 2
52 Card Deck Maker
A Basic C# Console Application Sample
A Basic Calculator Application
A Basic DAO Connection Method
A Basic Drag and Drop Sample
A Basic Employee Database System
A Basic Pythagoras Implementation in VB6
A Better App.Path
A Better chr() Function
A class to resize the controls on the form as the form resizes
A Cool Calculator
A Dbase IV Module with an Export Function
A Function That Can Calculate ISBN Checksums.
A Function To Determine Whether A File Exists
A Function To Simplify ExecuteNonQuery Statements
A Game Of Two-Up
A nice tool to test a color code, from HTML, Ole and Win32
A Password Generator With Strength Options
A Progress Bar Control With Three Different Looks.
A Quick Way to Extract Filenames From a Path
A safe way to open files
A Sample FlexGrid Database Connection
A Sample FlexGrid-based Sales Bill Application
A Simple Analog Clock that Adds Seconds Markers as it Counts
A Simple C# RegEx Method
A simple chat program
A Simple Check for a Valid Email Address Using VBScript
A Simple Desktop System Clock
A Simple Digital Clock
A Simple HyperLink
A Simple Implementation on Stack and Queue
A Simple Interest Rate Project
A Simple Pair Class
A Simple Show and Hide Assistant Example
A simple Tool to Generate a VB.Net Class.
A Simple VB Stopwatch
A Singleton Function for VB
A VB.NET Calculator
A Very Simple Calculator
A Very Simple Replacement for Xcopy
Abbreviate Text
Accepting a Passed Command Parameter
Access Data Projects Utilities
Access Database Driven Inventory System

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