A simple chat program
A Simple Check for a Valid Email Address Using VBScript
A Simple Show and Hide Assistant Example
Allow Users to View a Given Web Page only Once
Allow Your Web Site Users to Search
Alter a string in an .ASP Page for use in an SQL statement.
An HTML image map of the USA with .gifs included.
Animated Demo for forirrer series
ASP In/Out Board
ASP Scripts for Downloading Files
ASP Web Form To Check Existence of A Remote URL
ASP/Access Guest Book
Basic HTML Editor
Book Review: Professional ASP.NET
Bubble Sort Flexgrid Alpha & Numeric
Check Browser Capability Using the ASP BrowserType Object
Complete ASP Shopping Cart for SQL & Access
Convert a String to Proper Case in ASP
Convert Numeric RGB Values to Hexadecimal HTML Color String
Create an array of individual words from a phrase entered in an HTML text box (Alternative Method)
Create Interpreted Classes in Classic ASP
Create XML Using the MSXML Object Library
Creating XML Files by Combining XML Nodes
Database Programming in ASP Part I: Introduction (Article)
Database Programming in ASP Part II: Building a Guestbook (Article)
Dermine if your Client is Offline/Online and Speed (XML/HTML)
Determine if a File Exists on the Web Server
Determine if an HTML checkbox is selected
Determine if the Users Browser can Accept Cookies
Determine if the Web Browser is Running on a MacIntosh
Determine web browser suppport for Dynamic HTML
Display File Type Icons in Your .ASP Pages
Display Items from a Database on an ASP Page
Display Text with Consecutive Spaces and Carriage Returns on a Web Page
Display the Current Date and Time on your Web Page
Display the Total Number of Users Connected to Your Site
DSN-Less Connection to an Access or SQL Server Database Demo (ASP)
fetching all the details from sql table to textbox
Form Responses in Proper Order
Format an Integer With Commas and No Decimal Places (ASP)
Format SQL Queries to Make them More Readable
Get Previous Month/Next Month (ASP)
Get the URL of the previous (referring) web page
IIf function for ASP
Improved Check Electronic Check Digit Routine
Internet explorer history and cookies viewer
JavaScript for checking the validity of EmailID
Left and Right Padding Functions for ASP
Loan Calculator 2
Lookup Data From an XML Document

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