A Modified HTML Editor
A simple chat program
A Simple Check for a Valid Email Address Using VBScript
A Simple Show and Hide Assistant Example
A Timed Shutdown Program
Allow Users to View a Given Web Page only Once
Allow Your Web Site Users to Search
Alter a string in an .ASP Page for use in an SQL statement.
An HTML image map of the USA with .gifs included.
An XML-COM+ replacement for the ASP Session object
Animate Web Pages and Email Using MS-Agent
Animated Demo for forirrer series
ASP Calender Code
ASP Chat Application Version 3.0
ASP Database Grid Implemented as a Windows Scripting Host Component
ASP Discussion Forum
ASP Discussion Forum Like the one on
ASP Forums
ASP Guest Book Version 2.0
ASP GuestBook with Administrative Options
ASP In/Out Board
ASP Playground: Full Featured ASP Discussion Forum
ASP Scripts for Downloading Files
ASP SQL Server Explorer
ASP Web Form To Check Existence of A Remote URL
ASP.NET MultiMedia Custom Control
ASP/Access Guest Book
Automate Development of Database-Driven ASP Applications Using VBScript
Automatically Create an HTML Navigation Bar Based on Directory Hierarchy
Automatically Create Clickable Links From Strings Beginning with http
Base64 Encode/Decode Functions for ASP
Basic HTML Editor
Book Review: Professional ASP.NET
Browse the Web Hosts File System and Display Selected Files Either as Text or HTML
Browse Users and Groups on a Domain In a Web Browser
Bubble Sort Flexgrid Alpha & Numeric
Calculate Distance Between 2 Points Given Longitude/Latitude (ASP)
Capturing Basic Site Statistics Using ASP (Article)
Check Browser Capability Using the ASP BrowserType Object
Check to see if a date/time is during Daylight Savings Time, or Standard Time
Client-Side Validation of HTML Form Data Using VB Script
Close Internet Explorer Popup Windows
Code to display the Directory structure supplied to it
Color-Code HTML The Lazy Way
Complete ASP Data Driven Web Site -- Version 2.0
Complete ASP Shopping Cart for SQL & Access
Complete Visual Basic Web Site
Convert a String to Proper Case in ASP
Convert HTML to PDF (requires Acrobat Printer Driver)

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