Counterstrike (Multi-player Game) Rcon Client
Counterstrike Log Parser (and Regular Expresssion Demo)
Covnert 3 Images to 3D Objects
CPU Monitor
Cracker Barrel Game
Crazy Ball: An Interactive Game
Create a Page-Through ResultSet using Frames
Create & Compile VB Projects Using Notepad and A Batch File
Create a chat room using the Winsock control.
Create a Dockable and Floatable Form
Create a Master/Detail Form using RDO and MSFlexGrid
Create a Pop-up Menu on the Max/Min/Close buttons
Create a Test or Survery for Your Web Page
Create and Invoke .NET WEB Service using VB.NET (With Tutorial)
Create and Open Text Files: Demo App
Create Barcodes on the Fly
Create Custom Caret (Text Box Cursor)
Create DAO Database/Table with Multiple Rows
Create Databases in SQL Server Using ASP.Net and The SQL-DMO.DLL
Create Drop Shadows
Create Gradient Text Effects with no API call, v2
Create Graphical Output for Mathematical Functions
Create Masked Alpha Blends
Create Menus in Access 2000 (Article)
Create multi language talking math/educational softs in ur iown voice.
Create Multiple Instances of the Same Form
Create or Solve Sudoku Puzzles in Excel
Create Random Sudoku Puzzles
Create Robots that can run Crawl, Bounce, or Roll.
Create Rotated, Embossed, Engraved and Gradient Text Effects
Create Shortcuts Anywhere Using Setup Toolkit functions
Create Sin-Cosine Animated Effects
Create single user in Win2000 AD with Exchange mailbox
Create Tiled Backgrounds
Create Validation Routines in Access 2000 (Article)
Create Visual Basic Code On The Fly From a Selected Resource
Create Your Own Dictionary Using XML
Create your own VB Add-In
create, edit and save a word document
Create, Edit, Save, and Close Word Documents
Creating a Direct Draw Application (Tutorial)
Creating and Calling a Web User Control in Asp.NET
Crossword Puzzle Written in JavaScript, VBScript, and DHTML
CryptIM: Fully Encrypted Instant Messaging System
CryptoAPI Demo Version 1.7
Crystal Report Preview On a Form (Article and Demo)
Crystal Reports and Visual Basic Demo
CSS File Editor
Ctrl+Alt+Del in an application (custom Task Manager)

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