Complete Square: computerized version of connect the dots game
Complete System Tray Icon Application
Complete Text Editor based on TextPad
Complete UI for Sending Email
Complete USENET Posting Application
Complete Visual Basic Web Site
Complete Year Ctrl
Comprehensive Conversion Application
Comprehensive Graphics Programming Tutorials With Examples
Computer Viewer/Verifier For Windows NT/2000
Computerized Examination
Concentration Game (and Illustration of How to Implement Shareware)
Connect 4 Game (Human vs. Computer)
Connect to an http Server via Winsock
Conspiracy Generator
Contact Manager Using Data Environment
Contact Manager Using Random Access Files
Contact Manager With Database-File Export
Contact Manager with Search
Contact Phone Number Manager
Control Aligner IDE Add-in
Control Panel Version 2.0
Control Windows using Speech Recognition with MS Agent
ControlCollection Usage Demo in VB.NET
Conversions Across Multiple Dimensions of Measurement
Conversions for Multiple Units of Measurement.
Convert 32Bit Internet Address To Dotted Quads, And Visa Versa
Convert Access Database to Excel Workbook
Convert any amount of money to programmed currencies or add your own.
Convert ASCII to Character and Character to ASCII
Convert Compiled ASP.NET Projects to Uncompiled ASP.NET Pages
Convert CSV to Oracle Compatible SQL Insert Statements
Convert Excel spread sheet to an XML document.
Convert Files to Microsoft Word Documents
Convert Hijri Dates to and from Gregorian
Convert HTML to PDF (requires Acrobat Printer Driver)
Convert Icon files to bitmaps, and vice versa
Convert Letters and Numbers to Morse Code
Convert Numric Currency to Words
Convert Pro - Comprehensive Value Conversion Tool
Convert Strings Into BarCode and Print
Convert Surname to Soundex Equivalent
Convert Text to PDF with Crystal Reports
Convert Times Across Different Time Zones
Convert your Code to Color-Coded HTML (Access 97)
Copy multiple files using ListBoxes
Count Files and Folders Using the FileSystem Object
Count Lines of Code and Search for a String in a VB Project
Count Lines of Code in any Application or Module
Count Modules, Forms, and Lines of Code in a VB App

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