Checkerboard Screen Saver
Checkers Game
Checkers game with Full Artificial Intelligence Built In
Cheque Print
Chess Game/Chess Engine Version 2.0
Chessboard Screen Saver Version 2.0
Chocolate Mathematics (Math Trick)
Christmas Tree Screen Saver
Class Builder
Class to handle string concatenation more efficiently
Classic Snake Game, Simple Version
Classical Cipher Encoding Demo
Clean Data From a Floppy Disk so it Cannot Be Retrieved
Clip a StdPicture Image without Using an Intermediary Control
Clipboard Text Saver
Clock and Electronic Chronometer
Clock Screen Saver
Close Internet Explorer Popup Windows
CmdMail: Command line email utility
Code Library for Saving Code Snippets
Code Library with Auto Add Snippet Feature
Code Printing Add-In
Code Snippet Library Application
Code Template Add-In for Visual Basic Version 2.0
Collect User Information from Installations
Collection Class Builder
Collection of Simple Games in One Application
Collision Avoidance Line Game
Color Chooser
Color Gradient Box
Color Guide for VB Applications
Color Picker
Color Picker: Returns Exact Value of Color From Image in PictureBox
Color Preview and Gradient Creator
Color Syntax Control with Article
Color/Font Code Viewer,Selector, and Builder
Colorful, Full Screen Pattern
COM+ Object Constructor Strings: Demonstration
Combine Files
Combined UI for Internet Apps (Web Browser, FTP, Chat and more)
Command Button that Automatically Generates Querys or Perform Validation on Click
Command-line file codec sample using algorithm by original author of Zip
Common Dialog Control Demo For Beginners
Communicate with another instance of the same program. ( PrevInstance Handler )
Compact/Repair Access Database Utility
Compare Two Files
Compare VB Forms
Complete ASP Data Driven Web Site -- Version 2.0
Complete ASP Shopping Cart for SQL & Access
Complete IM Client

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