Byte Conversion Program
Calculate Age in Visual Basic 2005, Counting Leap years
Calculate an Angle given Two Connected Lines
Calculate Column Totals for a List View Control: Demo
Calculate Dates for Moon Phases
calculate prime numbers
Calculate The Area of Intersected Circles
Calculate The Distance of Two Points On a Coordinate Plane
Calculate The Midpoint of 2 Points on a Coordinate Plane
Calculates mathematical operations, like Windows Calculator.
Calculator 2
Calendar Application
Calendar for Months between Year 1899 to Year 2101
Calendar Implemented in Excel/VBA
Calendar That Could Be Extended to Scheduler
Calendar that Runs In the System Tray.
Call a Web Service Asynchronously with Callback: Demo
Call API Functions by Name and DLL
Call VC++ .DLL From Visual Basic: Demo
Capture and Display SNMP Packets
CD Player
CD Player with Irregularly Shaped Interface
CD Player with Volume Control
CD Tray Control in VB 2005
CD, Wav, and MIDI Player
CD-ROM Ejector
Ceaser Cipher
cEdit :Opensource Freeware Code Editor
Cellular Life Simulator
Centered Text Generator for Message Boxes
Change Desktop Icon Text Color or Make the Text Transparent
Change Desktop WallPaper
Change Language in a Database Application
Change Screen Resolution/Color Depth When App Gains or Loses Focus.
Change System Policies and Settings
Change the Default Properties of Controls (Add-In)
Change your AIM Buddy Icon
Change Your Browser Skin.
Changes the Title Bar on any Window
Character Map
Character Recognition Software
Charting Demo
Chat For Local Network
Chat or File Transfer With The Winsock Control Over TCP/IP
Chat With Custom Interface For Your Local Network
Check ComboBox's Items for Duplicates (VB.NET)
Check Digit Verification Utility
check exe running already on a machine
Check Writer

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