Basic Word Processor Application
BCoder: Code Editor for Multiple Languages
Beach Cam Version 2
Beautiful LCD Clock
Beginner's ADO Example
Beginner's Application: War Card Game
Beginner's Demo: Average Calcuation
Beginner's Lotto Program
Beginner's Winsock Example
Beginners Database (ADO) project
Benchmark the Different Methods of Referencing ADO Recordset Field Values
Best Drop-in Message/InputBox On The Net
Bezier Curve
Biblio Database Explorer
Billing And Report Generation (Crystal Reports Example)
Billing Application Using MS Flexgrid
Binary Clock
Binary File Editor
Binary File Editor 2
Binary File To Bitmap Converter
Binary File Viewer with Both Hex and Character Search Facilities
Biorhythm Wave Generator
BitBlt Animation Demo
BitBlt API Function Demonstration
BitBlt Game Programming Tutorial
Black Jack Game
Black Winter 2: Final Assault (Game)
Blackjack with Cards32.dll
Boggler: Generate All Possible Words from a Boggle Grid
Book Review: Inside SQL Server 2000 (MS Press)
Boolean Expression Calculator
BoS: Shell replacement for Windows 98 and 2000
Bouncing Ball (Threads)
BrainVita Game
BrainVita Game (5 Lines of Code)
Brainvita: Board and Marble Game
BreakOut game
Breakout-like Game
Bricks Game
Browse the File System and Display File, Folder, and Drive Properties
Browse the Web Hosts File System and Display Selected Files Either as Text or HTML
Browse Users and Groups on a Domain In a Web Browser
Build Reports About Files on Drives
Building Randomly Generated Test Files
Built-In Tree Help Creation Application
Business Object Wizard
Buzzword Bingo in Excel
BWord: Full Featured Text/RTF Editor

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