ASCII Code Generator
ASCII to Character Code Conversion Chart
Aseb - Ancient Egyptian board game of Twenty Squares
ASP Calender Code
ASP Chat Application Version 3.0
ASP Discussion Forum
ASP Discussion Forum Like the one on
ASP Forums
ASP Guest Book Version 2.0
ASP GuestBook with Administrative Options
ASP In/Out Board
ASP Playground: Full Featured ASP Discussion Forum
ASP Scripts for Downloading Files
ASP SQL Server Explorer
ASP/Access Guest Book
Associate File Extension with Application
Asterix - Password Saver with Textbox Grab Feature
Astronomical and Date Calculation Program
Atomica Like Game
Audio player with sound volume control etc
Auto Click YES when Outlooks Security Guard opens prompt dialog.
Auto Patcher / Auto Updater for Online Games
Auto Redraw Property Demo
Auto Update Your Program For Your Clients
AutoFTP: Schedules FTP Downloads
Automate Comments in the VB IDE via an Add-In
Automate Development of Database-Driven ASP Applications Using VBScript
Automate Windows File Indexing Service (Windows 2000/XP)
Automate WordPerfect from VB (Spanish)
Automatic Code Aligner
Automatic Code Indenter Add-In
Automatic Notification via E-mail When a Server's IP Address Changes
Automatically Establish Dial-Up/RAS Connections
Automatically remove the C$ share upon startup
Automatically Update Programs or Files from a Remote Location
Automation of password updating for win2K server
AVI Player Using API Only
Backup and Compress Databases Using ZLibTool OCX
Backup tool for ms-access
Bandwith Monitor
Barcode Creator
Base convertor: Decimal, Binary, Hex and ASCII
Base64 Decoder; VB6 Sample App with C++ DLL
Basic DirectPlay Chat Program
Basic HTML Editor
Basic HTML Editor With Preview Feature
Basic Image Editor
Basic Text Editor
Basic Web Server Example
Basic Word Processor

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