VC++ Style Project Explorer Add-In
Very Fun Game. Avoid The Lines While Getting The Squares.
View and Execute Processes on Local or Remote Machines Using WMI
View and Select Printers
View Media Transparently over Other Windows (VB.NET)
View the Current Day in the Task Bar
Virtual Fish Tank for Windows
Visual Basic Sound Card Recorder
Visual Registry Editor, with Registry Read/Write .DLL
VoxelSpace - Realtime 3D Demo using Native VB
W+Bar: Control Winamp with a Small Bar Above the System Tray
Wallet Wizard: Manages Cash On Hand
Wallpaper Changer
Wallpaper Changer (New Version)
Wallpaper Manager, Screensaver, and More
Water Drop Effect For The Desktop
WaterBill program
Wav Drawing Pad
Weather Web Service in VB 2005
Web Browser with Features Not Included in IE
Web Browser that Supports Multi-page Browsing
Web Browsers Right Click Menu Replacer
Web UI For SQL Server
Web Wizard v3.37 : Wizard Based Web Site Generator
Web-Based Knowledge Base Application
Web-based Portal System
Webcam Capture and Viewer
Website Downloader
What's This Help Demo
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Game
WhoIs Query via Winsock
WhoIs Utility
Wild Waters Horizontal Platform Scroller.
Window Manager
Window Region Creator
Windows 9x Password Protector
Windows Information Viewer
Windows Logger
Windows Security
Windows Services in VB.NET: Demonstration
Windows Shell Replacement
Windows Tweak Manager
Windows UI/Security Modification Utility
Windows Uninstaller
Winquake - Make Those Applications Shake
WinSock Spy, for Debuginng Winsock Applications
Wireframe 3D Engine
Wizard for Creating Custom installers using Nullsoft's NSIS Installer
Word Processing Application with Customizable Keyboard
Word Scramble Game - Word Puzzle

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