ADO.NET Demonstration for VB.NET
ADO/Access 2000 VB Code Generator
Adobe Acrobat Automation With VB and Windows API
Advanced HTML Interface Application
Advanced Selection Tools (Rectangular, Elliptical, Polygon, and More)
Advanced snake game with many features
Advanced Task - Places on your desktop.
Advanced Window Manager
Advent: Extended Media Player (Audio+Video Multimedia Player)
Agenda with Address Book and Calendar
AI game and Calendar Generator
Alarm Clock
Alarm that Displays Reminder on the Screen
Amazing 3D: A Game Similar to Doom
Amazing3D: A game similar to Doom (DirectX 7 version)
Amortization Calculator
An A.I. Take on TIC-TAC-TOE
An Advanced Blackjack game with cheats
An All in One Database Programming Module
An Analog Clock in VB6 With an Easy Algorithm.
An Asynchronous Serial Port Terminal in .NET
An Asynchronous, Multithreaded nSocket TCP Server
An Employee Payroll System
An Example of Saving Settings to the Registry
An HTML image map of the USA with .gifs included.
An Invasion Game
An Object-Based Programming Example
An Old Card Trick in VB
Analog Clock
Analog Clock 2
Angel Viewer: A Scriptable, Power Point-Like Presentation Program
Animated Hangman Game
Animation using BitBlt: Demo
Animation Using OpenGL API Example: Colored Cube
Animation Using OpenGL Example: Adventures of a Marble
Animation Using OpenGL Example: Mechanical Hand
ANT: Chaos Engine v 1.3.6
AOL 8.0 Scrambler Bot
AOL Instant Messenger Client
API Guide containing more than 900 functions with description and declaration
API Viewer for VB.NET and C#
Append Excel worksheet to Access database
Append Menus Dynamically Via API and Subclass Them
Application Framework for Editing Objects at Run Time
Archiving Program
ArtDraw - A Vector Graphics Software Package
Article: How To Use Resource Files With Demo Project
Artificial Neural Network Demo
ASCII Character Code Reference

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