UPC Generator
Update Date/Time Stamp on Zip Files Version 1.4
Update Oracle's tnsnames.ora File Based on a Script
Upward Scrolling Marquee Demo
Use an Undocumented Immediate Window Function to Evaluate Expressions
Use a Bitmap to Create a Skinnable Irregular-Shaped Form
Use a Bitmap to Create a Skinnable Irregular-Shaped Form II
Use Game Controllers Via DirectX
Use Microsoft Word as a Reporting Tool from Visual Basic
Use The BitBlt API to Create Games
Use the Flexgrid Control to Build a Simple Spreadsheet App
Use VB 2005 to Convert Numeric Dollar Values to Text
Use XML to Call a Remote Object
User Drawn Analog Meters with no OCXs or APIs
User Drawn Progress Bar: Demo
User Name/Password Manager (with Encryption)
Using a Form as a Popup Menu v. 2.0
Using Control State in ASP.NET 2.0
Using Multiple View Ports in DirectX 8
Using OPCodes With PaintPicture()
Using Winsock in VB.NET
Utility to Test Serial Comunication Port
Variation of Common Dialog Using File System Object
Various Desktop Effects
Various Folder Locations via Windows API
VAT Calculator
VB Code to change file Extention
VB COM Wrappers for the CryptoAPI
VB Connectoid Interface
VB Database Reporting Tool
VB Helper Add-In: Numerous Tools/Utilities for the IDE
VB Image Editor
VB mysql API is a wrapper around libmysql.dll to connect Visual Basic applications to mySQL databases. It comes with the translation of the API calls to libmysql.dll and a class wrapper to ease the implementation of mySQL into your application
VB Paint: Emulates MS Paint with Additional Features
VB Project Color Coding Print Tool
VB Project Spell Checker
VB Reports without Data Environment Designer
VB Snake Game
VB Snippet Organizer and Code Saver
Vb to Excel data export, must see for beginers and experienced by Arun Banik
VB To Excel Report Gererator With Protected Worksheets
VB Windows Explorer
VB6 Add-in For Faster Browsing in The IDE
VB6 Task List Add-In (Version 2.14)
VB6 version of the .Net AppStart and AppUpdate components.
VBIconsIDE - AddIn to Customize the Icons in Project Explorer
VBScript Powered MUD
VBtip forum: ASP Discussion Forum

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