Text File Encryption Utility
Text Mass Updater Using VSS Automation
Text to HTML Converter
Text to Speech in VB 2005
Text To Speech Tutor and Examples
Text Twist Game - (.NET)
Text Viewer and Simple Encrypter/Decrypter
Textile Related Calculator for Cloth Selling Rates
TextTool: Access 97 DB For Working With Text Files
The "Array Login" Method
The best brain game ever, clone of Microsoft Finty-Flush
The Simpsons - Springfield Meltdown (DirectX 7 Game)
THE Solution to the Select Case Enum problem
The Spirit of Samurai Game
This application authenticates users against Active Directory using ADSI and creates a virtual ftp and web site as well as physicall directory
Three Types of Simple Cryptography
Thumbnail Generation Application
Tic Tac Toe Game With Artificial Intelligence
Tic-Tac-Toe, Two Player, With Slick UI
Tickcount API used for a stopwatch
Tile-based Map Editor for Creating Game Worlds
Time Sync/Set From Galileo Ferraris Institute
TimeBilling: A Complete Three-Tier Database Application
Timer Demo For Beginners
Tims Scientific Calculator
To create a spiral
Toolbar Restore Demo
Torrentator - Execute Your .torrent Files on a Remote Computer
Total/Available Memory Display Utility
Towers of Hanoi Game Solutions
Transfer SQL Server Tables to Excel
Transform XML into HTML using XSL Style Sheets
Tray Application with Menus Example.
Tree View & List View Control In VBA (Access Application TreeView.mdb )
TreeView Control Demonstration
Treeview Tooltips
Trigonometrical Functions Graphing Application
Trivia Quiz Game
Truth Table Generator For Boolean Expressions
Two Century Calendar in Indonesian Language
Two Player Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Two Simple Editors for Any Text File
Typing Speed and Efficiency Tester
Ultimate Forum: ASP Discussion Forum
Ultimate Mind Reading Application
ULTRA File Encrypt
Unfolding long ListView labels with in-place tooltips
Uno Game (Human vs. Computer)
Uno Game 2.0

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