"Finicky": Paint Program
.NET TextData Provider Demo
10 Seconds (Simple Game)
10 Square Tic-Tac-Toe
216 Color Pallette
2D Tileset Creator (VB.NET)
3D Grid Waves Animation
3D Maze Maker
3D Mesh Collision Detection
3D Mesh Editor
3D Sample Applications
3D Terrain without using any APIs or external components
3D World with a Snowman
3dStudio Files (3ds) Viewer
6/49 Lotto Combination Generator
6/49 Lotto Game with Dynamic HTML Simulation
A .NET Drag-n-drop Puzzle
A .NET-based DirectX Sound Capture and Recording Application
A 3D demo w/o DirectX or OpenGL
A Basic Database Interaction Sample
A Basic Employee Database System
A beautiful card game.
A Calendar Example Similar to Windows Date and Time properties
A Colorpicker that uses WebSafe Colors.
A Complete MMORPG Engine - vbGORE v1.0.0
A Cool Calculator
A Custom Color Picker For Easy Integration
A Database Toolkit For MS Access
A DB-less Personal Expense Management System
A demo on how to build a CoolBar
A demonstration of the Circle draw method in VB6
A Fully Featured WinXP-styled LCD Alarm Clock
A Game Of Two-Up
A Graphical Bandwidth Meter
A Heuristic Graphic Filter
A Lightweight Media Player Without OCX or ActiveX
A Mass File Renaming Project with Shell Integration
A Modified HTML Editor
A Multimedia Player with Status Messages
A New Version of Intergalactic Master Mind
A Nokia Snake II clone
A Password Generator With Strength Options
A Password Keeper Database Application
A Perfect Text Editor
A Ping Monitor utility
A Sample FlexGrid Database Connection
A Sample FlexGrid-based Sales Bill Application
A Scientific Calculator in Visual Basic
A Simple Animated Analog Clock
A Simple But Professional Looking Web Browser.

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