Interapplication Communication Using Message Hooking
Internet Connection/Dial-Up Networking Class
Internet Explorer History and Cookies Viewer
Internet Tools Suite Version 2.0
IRC Server
JC Persistent Framework: Abstracts Databse Layer incuding Transactions
Jump To a Key in RegEdit
Karaoke Player
Label Creator and Printer (uses Active Reports)
LAN/Internet Mail Server
Large Library of Cryptographic Algorithms for VB Version 2.0
Launch a New Program as a Different User
Launch a VB Program From The IE Context Menu
Least-Sqaure Fit Demo;Solving a Set of Equations
Legendary ChatTool V2.00 Beta
Lightweight Visual Studio-like Tab Control v 1.03
Lightweight Windows Blinds Toolbar
Linear System Solver
List All Active Processes
List All Active Processes and Allow Addition/Removal
List all DLL and OCX dependencies a process has
List Print Jobs (Just Like Print Spooler)
List Table Structure of Selected Tables
ListView Column Sorting (Advanced)
Live Weather Map (with Animated GIF and XP Button Controls)
Lotto Assistant/Combination Calculator Version 2.2
LZW Compression/Decompression Algorithm
MAC Addresses of your LAN Computers
Magnifier Glass Effect With Animation
Map a Network Drive
Map Drives to Novell Netware or MS NT Servers
Mask, Transparency and Raster Operations to Combine Two Bitmaps and Create Transparent Bitmaps
Matrix Inverse and Transpose Calculator
Matrix operations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication)
MCL Shaped button control (with hover)
MD5 Message Digest Algorithm for Implementing Digitial Signatures
MDITaskBar Control: Mimics the Windows TaskBar in MDI Applications
Memory Device Context Drawing Class
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 Documented: Sample Chapter
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services Step-by-Step: Sample Chapter
MIDI Keyboard Player
minIIS is the ONLY Web Server with Real CGI Support (not WinCGI pattent)
Modify the System Menu: Demo
Monitor The HKEY Performance Data Registry Key
Moon Distance and Phase, Star Transit Time and More
MorphListBox - Graphical ListBox Replacement
Motion Detection on a Videogram Streaming from a Web Cam
Mouse Effects
Move a File (or files) to the Recycle Bin
Move and Resize Controls at Runtime Like the VB IDE.

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