Generate MD5 Digital Signatures in ASP
Generate User Drawn VB Menus via a Scripting Language
Generic Quicksort Algorithm
Generic WMI Coding Techniques using VB.Net
Genetic Algorithm Demo
Get a List of All Disabled User Accounts in AD
Get a list of registered file types
Get BIOS Information
Get Free and Total Memory Routines
Get Free Disk Space
Get the BIOS Date Via Direct Memory Access (Win 95/98)
Get the Font Name of the Active Title Bar Caption
Get the Number of Waiting Jobs of a specified Printer on your network
Get the reference count on a VB Class object
Get Weather Conditions For Almost Any Region Of The World
Gets All Enabled and Active Windows
Gets the Name of the Primary Domain Controller for the Current Machine
Graphically Design Message Boxes in the IDE
Graphing application that utilizes its own text parser
Hamming & Levenshtein Distance; Text Subclassing Example
Hashing (One Way Encryption) Algorithm
Haunted Maze - (PacMan Style Game)
Haunted Maze 3D Version (Pac Man Style Game)
Hexadecimal Editor - View/Edit Binary Files
Hide any Window
High Degree polynomial solver
High-Precision Heliocentric Earth Orbit Computation
home diary
Hook Language Layout Changes
Hot Key Control
Hotkey Manager (Open Source)
HoverCars - hovercraft racing game
How to use undo\redo in a RichTextBox
How to use VB Data Report with Hierarchical Recordsets (without a Data Environment)
HTML Label - Displays Formatted HTML without the WebBrowser Control
HTML Syntax Highlighter and Basic HTML Editor
Http Server
Icon and Cursor Editor
Icon Editor Version 2.0
Icon Menu Control with Support For Menu Drawing similiar to Office XP
IE Pop-Up Window Manager
IE SPY: Monitor and Log each URL visited by Internet Explorer
Image Viewer
Implement a Non-Blocking Delay
Implement a Progress Bar Common Control Without a OCX
Improved Random Number Generator
Improvements of ListView control
Insert an Element Into an Array without Looping
Insert an Element Into an Array without Looping 2
Integrate Plug-Ins in Your Applications

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