Enhanced VB Menu replacement
Enhancing VB Form v 1.1
EnhPrint OCX for printing MetaFiles in VB
Enter command and the program will then draw
Enumerate a list of machines in the local workgroup or domain
Enumerate All Currently Available Clipboard Formats
Enumerate all Groups a User Belongs To (NT or 2000)
Enumerate All Open Windows (Parent and Children)
Enumerate All Users on an NT/2000 Domain
Enumerate Windows NT Trusted Domains
EPaint - Complete Photo/Image Editor
Error-handling Solution for Enterprise VB applications v 3.1
Event Spy Control: Capture Numerous Events Not Exposed by VB.
EventVB 1.0.5: Extensive Object-Oriented API Wrapper
eXMLs - a Pure VB XML parser
Export Geometrical Figures to DXF files
Expression Evaluator (STRING Calculator)
Extended TrayIcon DLL with balloon tip even displaying on win 9x systems
Fancy UI: Enhanced Form with many Multimedia Features
Fast, pure ASP File Upload Solution
File Association Utility: Easy Way to Add and Edit Associations
File Based Contact Manager Program With Indexing/Sorting Algorithm
File Copy Using Memory
File Mapping Class Module
File Search and File Property API Classes
File Search Component using Windows API
File Upload via ASP (Pure ASP Solution, no .DLL)
File version information
Fill a region of a picture using the ExtFloodFill API
Find/Replace Common Dialog Demo
Finds the file on *any* connected drive
Firewall Application
Flames Active X Control
FlexBox: Replacement for the Masked Edit Control v 2.0
Flow-Chart: Visual Programming Language
Folder Browsing Control
Folder Space and Data Analyzer/Browser
Force Password Change At Next Logon
Form Effects: Transparency and Shapes
Four Colour Gradient (One Colour on each Corner)
Fractal Generator
Framework for Developing Distributed Database Applications
FTP Client
FTP Client Using WinInet.dll
FTP Transfer Class, using wininet.dll
Full-Featured Print Preview Dll
Game Using Sprites with Different "Personalities"
Gauss-Jordan Matrix Inversion and Solution to Linear Equations
GDI Demo
Generate CHM documentation From Source Code (Add-In)

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