Connect 4 Game (Human vs. Computer)
Convert 1D Arrays to 2D Arrays and Back
Convert a file path to a UNC path
Convert a Long Integer to a Byte Array
Convert Byte Array to Corresponding Numeric Value
Convert Icon files to bitmaps, and vice versa
Convert Times Across Different Time Zones
Count Lines of Code in any Application or Module
Count Unqiue Colors Quickly
CPU Monitor
Create a Blinking Icon in the System Tray
Create a chat room using the Winsock control.
Create a Dockable and Floatable Form
Create a GUID (globally unique identifier)
Create Auto-hide Toolbars or Forms
Create Databases in SQL Server Using ASP.Net and The SQL-DMO.DLL
Create Drop Shadows
Create Edit Boxes Through API Calls only
Create Hot Keys for any Purpose
Create MDIChild Forms with an ActiveX-DLL Version 1.06
Create MDIChild Forms with an ActiveX-DLL Version 1.07
Create multi language talking math/educational softs in ur iown voice.
Create Multiple Hotkeys with Multiple Functions
Create Robots that can run Crawl, Bounce, or Roll.
Create Rotated, Embossed, Engraved and Gradient Text Effects
Create Shortcuts for Files and Applications with Parameters
Create Visual Basic Code On The Fly From a Selected Resource
Crossword Puzzle Written in JavaScript, VBScript, and DHTML
CryptIM: Fully Encrypted Instant Messaging System
CryptoAPI Demo Version 1.7
CryptoAPI Wrapper
cTreeView: Wrapper to Enhance TreeView Control v 2.3
CueCat Barcode Scanner/Decoder
Custom Animated GIF Image Control
Custom ASP Component for Selecting Results from a SQL Query
Custom Print Dialog for RichTextBox Control
Custom ToolTips Dll (Version 2.0)
Customize Open/Save Common Dialogs
Customize Standard Open Dialog w/ File Preview
D++ Language with Compiler
Data Compression at 148 MByte/s with VB6
Data Logger II
Database and Player for MP3, WMA and MIDI files
Database Coder Add-In Version 1.31: Generates Code to Create Replicas of Access Databases
Database Operations Using Automatically Generated Class
Database Reporting Engine
db4o Open Source Object Database
Decimal Base Converter
DeferWindowPos API used to Resize controls on a form
Delay an Application Until a Specified Condition is True II

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