BoS: Shell replacement for Windows 98 and 2000
Bouncing Ball (Threads)
Browse System Folders using the Shell Namespace API
Browse the Web Hosts File System and Display Selected Files Either as Text or HTML
Build Process for .NET in windows Script
Build Your Own CD Player; a module of CD functions.
Built-In Tree Help Creation Application
C String Functions SScanf and StrTok Implemented in VB
C++ sprintf/ fprintf Functions for VB
Calculate The Area of Intersected Circles
Calendar that Runs In the System Tray.
Call API functions by Name, without Declare, v 2.0
Call API Functions by Name and DLL
Capture and Display SNMP Packets
Capture the Output of a DOS application
Cartesian Arc/Radial Point Components (VB.NET)
CD Player
CD Player with Volume Control
CD, Wav, and MIDI Player
cEdit :Opensource Freeware Code Editor
Change a User's Password (w/o Active Directory)
Change Screen Resolution/Color Depth When App Gains or Loses Focus.
Change the Default Properties of Controls (Add-In)
Change the registered owner of your windows copy
Change the Screen Display Resolution
Changing a VB Picture Object Pixel by Pixel
Character Map
Character Recognition Software
Chat or File Transfer With The Winsock Control Over TCP/IP
Check Access Rights to File/Directory on NTFS Volume
Check Writer
Checkers game with Full Artificial Intelligence Built In
Chess Game/Chess Engine Version 2.0
Class for Creating Shaped Forms (v 1.1)
Clean Data From a Floppy Disk so it Cannot Be Retrieved
Client-Side Image map for VB
Clip a StdPicture Image without Using an Intermediary Control
Code Template Add-In for Visual Basic Version 2.0
Color Picker Controls
Color Tools: Color Picker and Color Value Slider
Communicate With Commercial T7 Credit Card Machine
Compare VB Forms
Complete ASP Data Driven Web Site -- Version 2.0
Complete Text Editor based on TextPad
Complete USENET Posting Application
Complete Year Ctrl
Component for Sorting/Processing Recordset Hierarchies
Comprehensive Graphics Programming Tutorials With Examples
Computer Viewer/Verifier For Windows NT/2000
Computerized Examination

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