Advanced TrackBar /Slider Control With MAC Style Graphics
Advanced VB Based Toolbar Control
Advanced Window Manager
Allow the user to Dock, Resize,,Move, and Toggle Their Visibility
Alternative to VB's Shell Function
Amazing 3D: A Game Similar to Doom
Amazing3D: A game similar to Doom (DirectX 7 version)
An A.I. Take on TIC-TAC-TOE
An Advanced Blackjack game with cheats
An Anti Aliased Image Rotation Algorithm
An Asynchronous Serial Port Terminal in .NET
An Asynchronous, Multithreaded nSocket TCP Server
An Insertion Sort Algorithm
An XML-COM+ replacement for the ASP Session object
Angel Viewer: A Scriptable, Power Point-Like Presentation Program
Animation Using OpenGL API Example: Colored Cube
Animation Using OpenGL Example: Adventures of a Marble
Animation Using OpenGL Example: Mechanical Hand
Another Way to Retrieve the Count of a String Within Another String
ANT: Chaos Engine v 1.3.6
AOL 8.0 Scrambler Bot
AOL Instant Messenger Client
API Guide containing more than 900 functions with description and declaration
Append Menus Dynamically Via API and Subclass Them
Archimedian Spiral Control
Archiving Program
ArtDraw - A Vector Graphics Software Package
Artificial Neural Network Demo
ASP Calender Code
ASP Discussion Forum Like the one on
ASP Playground: Full Featured ASP Discussion Forum
ASP SQL Server Explorer
Asynchronous Printer Queue Monitoring
Atoms Framework: Persistence Layer for Relational Databases (VB.NET)
Audio player with sound volume control etc
Auto Click YES when Outlooks Security Guard opens prompt dialog.
AutoFTP: Schedules FTP Downloads
Automate Comments in the VB IDE via an Add-In
Automate Development of Database-Driven ASP Applications Using VBScript
Automate Development of Desktop Database Driven Apps (e.g., Contact Lists)
Automate Windows File Indexing Service (Windows 2000/XP)
Bandwith Monitor
Base64 Decoder; VB6 Sample App with C++ DLL
Base64 Encode and Decode Files
Beautiful LCD Clock
Benchmark Your Routine
Binary File Editor
Binary File Editor 2
Bitwise Left Shift and Right Shift for VB

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