"Lightweight" Print Preview Dll
.NET Scroll Bar Control
24-bit Picture class w/ resize, crop, transregion and exposed bits
24-bit Picture class w/ resize, crop, transregion and exposed bits Part 2
30 Classes For 40 Instruments
3D Grid Waves Animation
3D Terrain without using any APIs or external components
3D World with a Snowman
3dStudio Files (3ds) Viewer
6/49 Lotto Combination Generator
A Binary Search Algorithm
A Complete MMORPG Engine - vbGORE v1.0.0
A Custom Color Picker For Easy Integration
A Database Toolkit For MS Access
A Graphical Bandwidth Meter
A Heuristic Graphic Filter
A High Performance Alternative To Dictionary and Collection Objects; Treaps in VB6
A Lightweight Media Player Without OCX or ActiveX
A Multimedia Player with Status Messages
A New Version of Intergalactic Master Mind
A Scientific Calculator in Visual Basic
A Simple to Use PDF Parser
A Simple Way To Get DIB Bits in VB.NET.
A Thread to Visual Basic: Multi-Threading In VB5 and VB6
A Tooltip Customization Class
A Visual Basic SendMail DLL
Access TWAIN Compatible Scanners
Accessing LDAP using VB.NET
Activate an App by a Partial Window Title
Active Directory in VB.NET - Get LDAP Users & Groups
Add a Gradient Background to a TreeView Control
Add an Online Update feature for your software easily.
Add Columns or Continuation Arrows to Menus with Many Items
Add Form Style Properties (e.g., MaxBox, MinBox, Resizable) to Controls
Add Menu To SysMenu
Add Multiline Balloon Tooltips to ListView column Headers
Add Text to an Icon.
Add-In For Outlook 2000 that Allows you to Add Custom Buttons
Adjust Brightness/Contrast Level of Images
Administer NT/2000 Users, Computers, and Domains Using ADSI/WMI
Adobe Acrobat Automation With VB and Windows API
Advanced File System API Function Encapsulator Version 3.3
Advanced HTML Interface Application
Advanced Line Procedure With Many Options
Advanced Progress Bar Control
Advanced Progress Pie and Bar
Advanced Selection Tools (Rectangular, Elliptical, Polygon, and More)
Advanced Shell Class and Dll
Advanced Task - Places on your desktop.

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