User Drawn Menu Class Version 4.1

Nathan Moschkin

Version Compatibility: Visual Basic 6

More information:
This class allows you to replace the standard Visual Basic menu with one that supports many more features, some of which include:
  • Addition of bitmaps or icons to menu items (supports any size).
  • Optional MonoDefault state will only colorize icons of menu items that are selected (a la Outlook Express)
  • Extended keyboard shortcut keys, using Ctrl+, Shift+, Ctrl+Shift+, combinations, function keys, system keys, the menu and print keys, and the CapsLock key.
  • Draws in the style of the Office 97 menu bar.
  • Implements Visual Studio-menu style check marks and radio buttons.
  • Implements Hot-tracking, Hot-lighted and Clear-box highlighting visual effects.
  • Implements a "CaptionSeperator" item-type which is a Seperator Bar with scaled, centered text and optional background coloring and submenu support.
  • Implements Color-select, a type of highlighting that lets the highlight bar be different than the system default
  • Background gradients
  • Multi-line menu items
  • DBCS (Unicode) support for languages such as Chinese
Each feature is Item-by-item. You can have a whole menu full of items that colorize or highlight differently.

Version Upgrades: 4.1 (07/01/2001), 4.0 (06/18/01), 3.0 (02/22/2001) and 2.3 (10/28/2000): New Features include support for MDI Parent and child menus, each item may have its own Font, right-justification of menu items, and support for menu breaks and menu bar-breaks. In Version 4.0, the object model was completely revamped and simplified, developer documentation is now included, and a number of new features, such as support for background gradients, multi-line menu items, and Unicode, were added. Version 4.1 adds Office XP style flat menus.

Instructions: Click the link below to download the code. Select 'Save' from the IE popup dialog. Once downloaded, open the .zip file from your local drive using WinZip or a comparable program to view the contents.