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Version Compatibility: Visual Basic 6

More information:
Polygon\Region area calculator It is an application showing a method of calculating the area of any type of polygon (Convex or concave)...It doesn't matter...also, it uses two methods of calculations: 1- Recursive method which has never seen to be used before on the net. This is because complexity and slowness. I just wanted to try it and see its results. I found it wonderful. 2- Trapezoidal method which is very common over the net. It is very simple and fast. I used it to compare its result with the first method. Only one restriction must exist: any two non-consecutive sides can't be intersected. U can save the drawn polygon and re-opining it. if u drew any polygon and u found the results of the two methods are different, Plz, save the polygon and send it to me on wael_eng@hotmail.com Also, u can send any comments to enhance my work..I will be pleasant for that.... how to use: 1- run the project. 2- u can open a ready made sample from File > Open menu. 3- u can draw ur own polygon by using the left button of ur mouse to locate all vertices except the last one. U have to use the right button to locate it. (the result of the two methods will be displayed immediatly). 4- if u want to draw a new polygon just hit F2 or click File > New. 5- U can stop drawing ur polygon before finishing by hitting Esc. Important Issue: What to do to calculate the area of a polygon which can't be drawn on the form due to its size limitations? 1- Open txt file and save it. 2- In the first line, write the coordinates of the first vertix on the form X1,Y1 then press Enter where X1 is X-axis component and Y1 is Y-axis component. 3- In the Nth line write the coordinates of the Nth vertix on the form Cn,Dn then press Enter where Cn = Xn - X1 and Dn = Yn - Y1. 4- U have to consider that the X-axis goes from left to right and the Y-axis goes from top to down hence the refernce point of the form is on the Top-Left corner. 5- After closing the txt final, run the program then select the file to be opened. You will get the result immediatly. Advantages: U can use this application to calculate the area of any region contained in an image file (BMP / JPG / GIF) like a country in a map image file. An example for Egypt map is attached. U will find the polygon file and the image file attached in the zip file. U can apply this for any country or city map. Just u need a precise map file and its drawing scale. Take care, more points u locate on the borders, more accurate result u obtain. And again, u have to take care about the condition mentioned above.... Last thing I want to say: The result calculated by the application must be multiplied by the unit area according to your drawing scalse. This is your work......... :-)

Instructions: Click the link below to download the code. Select 'Save' from the IE popup dialog. Once downloaded, open the .zip file from your local drive using WinZip or a comparable program to view the contents.

Download polygon area calculator.zip