Schedule Xtreme Pro: Web Based Project Management Tool

David Nishimoto

Version Compatibility: ASP

More information:
This is a beta version of a web based project tool that will be sold. To get this running, unzip to a web share, grant write permissions to the internet user on the .mdb file, browse to sxpmain.asp, and login, user=davepamn, password=kristal

Below is some documentation provided by the author:

Getting started means creating a new project. Press the Create a New project button. Its really that simple. Each project has an administrator that sets up the project, milestones, resource, tasks, and assigns resources to the task.

Step 2, Create a MileStone. A Milestone is used to group one or more tasks together. The milestone rolls up estimated start and end dates and hours, for all of its tasks. Additionally, task actual information is rolled up to milestones and the project: start and end dates,hours and cost.

Step 3, Create a resource. A project has a group of available resources to complete work. A resource is someone who is capable of doing the work. A resource has a bill rate used to calculate a cost. As work is being completed, a project the manager uses SXP to see project progress and cost. Eventually Earned value reports will provide Budget at Completion amounts and Schedule at Completion projections.

Step 4, Assign the resource to a task. This will allow the resource the ability to login and provide a daily update for tasks assigned. Resources track their progress using the daily update. The daily update can be used as a note. Eventually, the "Followup Organizer" will help the resource followup on uncompleted or pending work.

Step 5, Have the resource login using their username and password created for them. A screen will appear allowing them to provide a daily update.

Step 6, The Organizer allow users to electronically post daily working tasks and followup notes. A helpful list show all open tasks sorted by date.

Step 7, As a project manager closely monitor the progress of your project through some very helpful reports: Overdue Tasks (tasks late in starting work), Completed Tasks(Progress Reports), and Cost and Time (Cost Percentages over or under cost, and time percentages over or under due)

Instructions: Click the link below to download the code. Select 'Save' from the IE popup dialog. Once downloaded, open the .zip file from your local drive using WinZip or a comparable program to view the contents.