Image Viewer


Version Compatibility: Visual Basic 6

More information:
Key characteristics:(1) As and when you change folder, all images of a selected file pattern of bmp/ ico/ cur/ gif/ jpeg/ jpg/ wfm/ emf in the folder will be displayed automatically in a uniform size; (2) If a *.* pattern is set, it will detect and display images of files of all file extensions in the folder, such as bitmap, icon, gif and other images; (3) No limit to the No. of images to be displayed in a dir; (4) Listed images have their individual file names attached beneath them; (5) additional view port to view a selected image in its original size, with zoom-in and zoom-out; (6) Synchronization of a selection in the image list panel and that in the file list box, and vice versa; (7) Able to search and list all image files of a selected pattern, under all subdirectories of a selected dir; (8) Dir/File copy/delete/rename/move facilities within itself; and (9) With Help.

Instructions: Click the link below to download the code. Select 'Save' from the IE popup dialog. Once downloaded, open the .zip file from your local drive using WinZip or a comparable program to view the contents.