Early Adopter Hailstorm: Sample Chapter


Author: Wrox Publishing

Version Compatibility: Visual Basic.NET

More information:
This is Chapter 3 of the Wrox Book Early Adopter Hailstorm. This book looks at the first public release of the .NET My Services Developer Edition, or HailStorm in a Box as it was called, and how to develop against it (the project previously code-named Hailstorm is now referred to as .NET My Services). Written with the assistance of Microsoft's HailStorm team, the book looks at the fundamentals of HailStorm development, its XML standards-based framework and offers two case studies to illustrate how HailStorm may be integrated into real world scenarios.

Chapter 3 covers the interface to .NET My Services, including the Kerboros authentication system, constructing SOAP packets to speak to Hailstorm web services, and the transport protocols used to send Hailstorm servers. This is an abridged version of the chapter.

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