Windows 2000/XP

Add a User to the Domain in Windows 2000
Add an Organizational Unit to the Domain
Add Shortcuts To The Users Desktop
Add Users To Security Group Using LDAP
Add windows XP Visual Style Scheme to your Application at Run Time (Windows XP only)
Administer NT/2000 Users, Computers, and Domains Using ADSI/WMI
Advanced Task - Places on your desktop.
Automate Windows File Indexing Service (Windows 2000/XP)
Automatically Dismiss NET SEND Messages
Automation of password updating for win2K server
Change a User's Password in Windows 2000
COM+ Object Constructor Strings: Demonstration
Computer Viewer/Verifier For Windows NT/2000
Data Logger II
Determine if a User is a Member of a Given Group (Windows 2000)
Display and Print Computer or Domain Information Using ADSI
Display Extensive Windows 2000 information using WMI
DLL To Display Shell Objects in a List View Control (Windows 2000)
Domain User and Group Browser (ADSI Implementation)
Enable or Disable a User Account in Windows 2000
Enumerate all Machine Services Using Active Directory Services
Enumerate Security Groups given Login Username (ADSI)
Extensive Windows Management Interface (WMI) demo
Form With Transparent Color (Windows XP/2000)
Get CPU Information Using Windows Management Interface (WMI)
Get Local System Info Using Windows Management Interface (WMI)
Get Logical Disk Information Using Windows Management Interface (WMI)
Get the Names of All Computers in the Domain Using ADSI/LDAP
Get the Names of All Groups in the Domain Using ADSI/LDAP
Get the Names of All Users in the Domain Using ADSI/LDAP
Get the Names of the Members of a Windows 2000 Group
Gets the time you have used windows and save it.
Imitate Show Desktop With VB
List All Domains in a Network (ADSI/VBScript)
List all Users and their Properties in the Domain (Windows Scripting Host)
List all Users within a Selected Domain and Group Using ADSI
List Users and User Properties in a Given Domain (ADSI/VBScript)
Lock the Workstation (Windows 2000 only)
Make a Form Translucent By Using Layered Windows (Windows 2000 only)
Messenger Service For XP and Win2K
Net Send Based Chat
NT User Information and Security Using ActiveDS Type Library
OS Version Information with Windows 2000 VerifyVersionInfo API (Backwards Compatible)
Pause a Service in Windows 2000
Print Queue Manager for Windows 2000 (or NT with ADSI)
Query Active Directory for Information About a User
Query Exchange Server via ADSI
Quick, Automated Stand-alone FAX application (Windows 2000)
Remove a Computer From a Domain (ADSI/VB Script)
Remove a User from a Security Group in Windows 2000

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