Memory Monitor (VB.NET 1.1)
Merge Instances of any VB.NET ICollection into One Array List
More efficient Bubble Sort
Multithreading in Visual Basic.NET: Demo
Murach's Beginning Visual Basic .NET: Sample Chapter
Murachs Database Programming with ADO.NET Sample Chapter
Mutual Fund.NET: XML Based Mutual Fund Information System
myStrTok (Limited StrTok but has better performance)
Numeric Base Converter (Up to 36)
Object Serialization in VB.NET (Custom Format)
Object Serialization in Visual Basic.NET: Demo
Open A Cash Drawer With VB.NET
Open a File or Web Page in its Associated Application (VB.NET)
Open the Default Email Progam to Send Email (VB.NET)
Optimal String Array Search
Play a .wav File in VB.NET
Play Sounds in ASP.NET 2.0 Web Pages
Prevent a Form From Closing in VB.NET
Prevent CD Auto Play
Preventing Truncated Text-Based Object in Crystal Reports ASP.NET (Article)
Print To a Picturebox with VB.NET
Printing in VB2005
Process XML Using ADO.NET
Progress Bar Control (VB.NET 1.1)
Query the Event Log (VB.NET)
Query the Interface of a .NET Assembly
Quick and Dirty ASP.NET Message Box
Quickly Convert DataSets/DataTables To AText File
Read a Text Files Contents Using System.IO Objects in VB.NET
Read a Value from the Registry (VB.NET)
Read and Write XML Files in VB.NET/ASP.NET
Read Text Data from the Clipboard (VB.NET)
Read Text From/Write Text To a File (VB.NET)
Reading an XML File in VB.NET
Reading Keys and Values of XML file
Recursively Delete All Files Older Then n Number of Days
Remote Desktop Viewer Over LAN
Remove Trailing and Extra Spaces/Non-Printing Characters from a String (VB.NET)
Resolve Host Names/IP Addresses (VB.NET)
Return a Forward-Only Data Stream in ADO.NET
Return a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) in VB.NET/ASP.NET
Return a Random Date (VB.NET/ASP.NET)
Return Amount of Time System Has Been Up (VB.NET)
Rijndael Encryption in VB.NET
RS232 Serial Communication in .NET
Save and Read Datagrid View data Into or From a CSV File
Save Form Size and Position to the Registry (VB.NET)
Save the Contents of the ASP.NET Request Object to a File
Save Time and Effort by Overloading Operators.
Scheduler 2 Basic Version

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