Build an RSS Feed Custom Control With ASP.NET 2.0
Build Process for .NET in windows Script
Calculate a Persons Age (VB.NET/ASP.NET)
Calculate Age in Visual Basic 2005, Counting Leap years
Calculate The Distance of Two Points On a Coordinate Plane
Calculate The Midpoint of 2 Points on a Coordinate Plane
Call a Web Service Asynchronously with Callback: Demo
Call Webservice from VB6
Calling an API Function From VB.NET
Capture the Entry of Items into the Event Log (VB.NET)
Cartesian Arc/Radial Point Components (VB.NET)
CD Tray Control in VB 2005
Change Collation Settings for an Entire SQL Server 2000 Database (VB.NET)
Check an Email Address for Validity (VB.NET and VB6)
Check ComboBox's Items for Duplicates (VB.NET)
Check for Previous Instance of an Application (VB.NET)
Check for Previous Instance of an Application Using Mutex (VB.NET)
Checking NULL value in VB.NET
Class for Automatic Rich Text Box Coloring and Formatting (VB.NET)
Clear Textbox Controls In A Form With Containers
Clone an Object Using Serialization
CmdMail: Command line email utility
Collect User Information from Installations
Color Syntax Control (VB.NET)
Configuration File Module using PrivateProfile WinAPI functions
ControlCollection Usage Demo in VB.NET
Convert a .NET DataReader (Any Type) to XML
Convert a .NET DataReader to XML
Convert A Binary String to A Decimal Number
Convert an Excel Column Number Into its String Equivalent
Convert Bitmap to Another Image Format (VB.NET)
Convert Compiled ASP.NET Projects to Uncompiled ASP.NET Pages
Convert Decimal Degrees to Degrees in Minutes Seconds Format
Convert Numbers to Words with VB.NET
Convert Text to PDF with Crystal Reports
Cookies in ASP.NET: Demo
Cool fade in/out effect
Create A Custom Image Button Control
Create A Flash Player Control
Create Access Database at run time
Create and Delete Directories and Subdirectories in VB.NET
Create and Invoke .NET WEB Service using VB.NET (With Tutorial)
Create Databases in SQL Server Using ASP.Net and The SQL-DMO.DLL
Create Microsoft Access Database Programmatically (VB.NET/ASP.NET)
Creates a Drop Shadow For a Form
Creating and Calling a Web User Control in Asp.NET
Crystal Reports Push Model Conversion Utility (.NET)
Custom Paging User Control for ASP.NET DataGrid
Daily Garfield Reader v0.3
Database Login Manager Class (VB.NET)

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