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Lock a Workstation or Implement Fast User Switching With a Single Line
Log Off The Current User
Make P&D Wizard create Desktop shortcuts (Article)
Making a Form Transparent in Win 2000 or XP
Manage and View Processes with SpyProcess 1.0 Beta
Minimize All Windows
Module For ZPL Printers (Zebra, etc)
Monitor applications/services in Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
Nested File Search With Wildcards using File System Object
NotifyIcon -- A Control that places An Icon in the System Tray.
NT Event Viewer Loggin with API Calls
Obtain Memory Status
Obtaining Information Of CPU
Obtaining Shell DLL Versions
Prevent Windows Suspend Mode
Prevent Your Application from Being Displayed in the Win 95/98 Task List
Put a Picture in a Menu: Demo
Query the Processor Info From Windows
Reboot a Machine Remotely (Version 3.1)
Recieve KeyUp/Down SystemWide
Restrict a User From Accessing a Given Application
Retrieve and Set the Screen Saver Timeout Value
Retrieve and Set Win32 regional settings
Retrieve Domain Controller Info From Exchange 2k3
Retrieve Drive Information Using Shell API
Retrieve the Captions of All Open Top-Level Windows
Retrieve The Hard Disk (partition) Serial Number
Reverse the Movement of the Mouse
Run Executables as Byte Arrays
Select Areas on an Image Using Pens
Set a Printer from the Printers collection as the Default
Set the Mouse Cursor Position
Set the Position and Dimensions of the Start Button (Upgraded 07/31/00)
Show disk drive info of a (remote) computer (VBScript/WMI)
Show Network Adapter Settings, Local or Remote Machine (VB Script/WMI)
Show Operating System Properties, Local or Remote Computer (VBScript/WMI)
Show or Hide the Start Button
Show The Transmission Time of A Win32 API In A Label
Shutdown Control Manager Version 1.3
Shutdown, Reboot, or Log Off a System (Win 9x, NT, and 2000).
Simulates keystrokes using keybd_event
Sleep, Using The Win32 API in VB6
Sleeper Component
Start the Screen Saver
System Drive Info Using The FileSystemObject
System tray icon ActiveX control
Toggle CapsLock Key
Toggle NumLock Key
Toggle the Scroll Lock Key
Total/Available Memory Display Utility

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