A Thread to Visual Basic: Multi-Threading In VB5 and VB6
Add an Icon to the System Tray
Add Shortcuts to The Desktop
Adobe Acrobat Automation With VB and Windows API
Advanced Window Manager
API Guide containing more than 900 functions with description and declaration
Append Menus Dynamically Via API and Subclass Them
BoS: Shell replacement for Windows 98 and 2000
Call API Functions by Name and DLL
Change Your Browser Skin.
Changes the Title Bar on any Window
check exe running already on a machine
Complete System Tray Icon Application
Control Panel Version 2.0
CPU Monitor
Create single user in Win2000 AD with Exchange mailbox
DeferWindowPos API used to Resize controls on a form
Demo of Shell32 Com DLL as Alternative to System API Functions
DeskTop3 -- Desktop Icon Manager
dFreeze Window Manager
Direct Physical Disk Reads and Binary Editor
Direct Physical Disk Reads and Binary Editor v2.0
Display CPU Usage (Windows 9x Only)
Display Line and Character Position as you Type or Move Cursor
Display Memory and Processor Information
Display System Information
Display Time and date on Active Window Titlebar
Display User Profile/Cookie Information
Drive Information Utility
EliteSpy: Window Information/Modification Tool
Enumerate All Open Windows (Parent and Children)
EventVB 1.0.5: Extensive Object-Oriented API Wrapper
Find/Replace Common Dialog Demo
Generate User Drawn VB Menus via a Scripting Language
Get the CPU Usage of Each Process
Hide and Unhide windows start button using win32 API
Hide any Window
Hide windown taskbar using Win32 API Control
Hotkey Manager (Open Source)
Kill IT - Kill Any application on mouse click
Launch Programs and Documents Using The Windows Key
List All Active Processes and Allow Addition/Removal
List Print Jobs (Just Like Print Spooler)
Manage and View Processes with SpyProcess 1.0 Beta
Modify the System Menu: Demo
Monitor applications/services in Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
Nested File Search With Wildcards using File System Object
NT Service in VB6 Without NTSvc.ocx
Open a File With Its Associated Application: Demo
Place or Remove Shortcuts on the Desktop and in System Menus.

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