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Interapplication Communication Using Message Hooking
Launch a New Program as a Different User
Launch a VB Program From The IE Context Menu
List All Active Processes
List All Active Processes and Allow Addition/Removal
List Print Jobs (Just Like Print Spooler)
Modify the System Menu: Demo
Monitor The HKEY Performance Data Registry Key
NT Service in VB6 Without NTSvc.ocx
Owner Drawn Label: Prints Text or Graphics on Any Control
Place Animated Cursors in Standard Messsageboxes
Place or Remove Shortcuts on the Desktop and in System Menus.
Preventing textboxes splitting numbers across rows
Process Commander: Detailed Info on Running Processes
Processes Memory Monitor
Query the System Tray Using Interprocess Memory Communication
Resource Viewer for .DLLS/.EXES
Retrieve Low-level CD Info From Your CD/DVD Adapters
Retrieve Text from Windows Within Other Applications
Retrieve the Number of Threads Running on the Current Machine
Retrive Low-Level Hard Drive Information
Retrive Low-Level Hard Drive Information(2)
Scan Another Process for a Memory Value and Replace It
Search All hWnds Based on Criteria Within The Function
Session Watcher - See Who's Connected to Your PC and What Files Are Being Accessed
Shell Objects OCX
Shuffle Desktop Icons Using Interprocess Memory Communication
Shut Down the System Safely
Shut Down Windows
Start, Stop, Pause and get status of NT Services
Startup Disk Creator for Win 98/XP
StretchBlt API Function Example
Subclass Keyboard and Mouse Events in Other Applications (Version 2.0)
SubClass without IDE Crash
Supermouse: Allows you to Script Repetitive System Tasks
System Metrics Class
System Tray Window Manager
SystemInfo Class and SystemInfo.dll Version 2.0
SystemWide VB Hotkey Control
Threads in Visual Basic (Article, With Example)
User Drawn List Box, Combo Box, and Edit Controls
Using The Native Functions in VBs Runtime DLL
VB Connectoid Interface
Wait for Shell Call to Complete
Windows Information Viewer
Windows Shell Replacement
Windows UI/Security Modification Utility
Wrapper to run as service

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