"Dancing Mouse" -- Randomly Move the Mouse Pointer
30 Classes For 40 Instruments
A Thread to Visual Basic: Multi-Threading In VB5 and VB6
A Visual Basic SendMail DLL
Activate/Deactivate the Screen Saver
Add / Delete Printers (Windows NT/2000)
Add a File to the Documents List on the Start Up Menu
Add a File to The Recent Documents List
Add a Local NT Group Using Win32 API
Add an Icon to the System Tray
Add and Remove Fonts from the System
Add Images to VB menus and Turn Menus into Option Buttons
Add Multiline Balloon Tooltips to ListView Items
Add Real Win32 tooltips for Windowless Controls (Label, Image, etc)
Add Scroll Bars to Controls Purely Through the API
Add Shortcuts to The Desktop
Add/List System Restore Points from VB!
Adobe Acrobat Automation With VB and Windows API
Advanced Multiply Function
Advanced Shell Class and Dll
Advanced Window Manager
Alternative to VB's Shell Function
API Guide containing more than 900 functions with description and declaration
Append Menus Dynamically Via API and Subclass Them
Arrange Desktop Icons
Asynchronous Printer Queue Monitoring
Attachment Stripper For Exchange
Basic Virtual Machine Managmenet Tasks
Benchmarking Using Performance Counters
BoS: Shell replacement for Windows 98 and 2000
Call API functions by Name, without Declare, v 2.0
Call API Functions by Name and DLL
Calling MSVC DLL procedure from MSVB service to create mutex.
Capture and Record Keycodes
Capture the Output of a DOS application
CDlgEx -- Encapsulates Windows Dialog Functions into One Class
Change double-click time of mouse
Change Frequency of Beep Sound in VB
Change Screen Resolution
Change System Menu and Title Bar Caption Colors
Change the Drive Volume Label
Change the Keyboard Speed and Repeat Delay
Change The Name of a Computer With Kernel32 Lib
Change the Priority of any Running Process
Change the Priority of the Current Process
Change the windows resolution in VB
Change Your Browser Skin.
Changes the flasher of text box.
Changes the Title Bar on any Window
check exe running already on a machine

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