String Manipulation

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Obtain Regionally Valid Decimal Separator without API 2
Override the Option Compare Text Statement
Parse an HTML Page for Links
Path/Key Handling and Manipulation
Phone Number Formatting Function
Quickly Get The Word Count From A TextBox Control
Random Password Generator
Random String Creator
Remove all Occurrences of a Character in a String
Remove all Occurrences of a Character in a String II
Remove All Spaces from a String
Remove Trailing and Extra Spaces/Non-Printing Characters from a String
Replace Multiple Substrings in a String at Once
Replace Special Vowels with "Regular" (7-bit ASCII) Values
Retrieve Field Values in a Delimited String (or Words in a String)
Return a Padded String with Blanks on Left
Return a Padded String with Blanks on Right
Return a String Less a particular Character
Return and Count Unique Characters from a String
Return Numeric Values From Any String
Return The Number of Occurrences of a String/Char Within Another
Returns a specific token from a delimited string list.
Reverse a Given String
Reverse a String
Right Justify Text in a TextBox
Search and replace a string.
Send Keys
Serial String Comparison That Helps Prevent Crackin
Set The Case of Any Given String
Simple Split Function for VB5
sorting with Array
String Class
String Functions Demo
String Manipulation Functions
String Parsing to Provide a Keyword List
String to ASCII Codes/ASCII Codes to String
String Validation: IsAlphabetical, IsAlphaNumeric, and IsNumericOnly
Strip Alpha Characters From a Given String
Strip Non AlphaNumeric Characters from a String
Strip special characters from a string
Strip the Null Terminator from a String
Strip/Remove Text From a String
Sub-string Search (InStr and InstrRev Demo for Beginners)
Text Validation Demo
Trim all Nonprinting Characters from a String (VB5/VB6/.NET)
Typing Effect Routine
Verifies Social Insurance Number (Canadian SSN)
XOR De/Encoding
XOR Encryption Function

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