Screen Saver Template
Screen Saver that Animates the Desktop Version 2.0
ScreenSaver that Inverts the Desktop to GreyScale
Scrolling RichTextBox pixel by pixel
Scrolling Text in a Picturebox Using BitBlt API function
Seizure Program
Simple 3D Text Creator
Simple Graphics Effects Class
Simple Paint-like Application Example
Simple Picture Buttons Example
Simple Picture Viewer
Simple Plasma (a Type of Fractal) Generation
Simple Random Dots Application
Simple Screen Saver
Slick UI Using Skins and Sliding Trays
Slide Show Screen Saver
SlideShow Screen Saver with Setting Dialog
Sliding and Fading Picture Effects
Snapshot Screen for Monitor-Less Computer
SPIRO 1.2, a Spirograph-like Art Application
Splash Screen Start Using GIF Animation.
Standard HTML Hex to VB hex code Converter
Starburst Effect
Start and configure your default screen saver
Superimpose rich text on picture
System-independent Editable Vector Font
Text Special Effects Demo
Thumbnail Generation Application
Turn the mouse Hourglass on or off
Unipicture: Provides Advanced Features for Bitmap and Icon Handling
Use a Bitmap to Create a Skinnable Irregular-Shaped Form
Use a Bitmap to Create a Skinnable Irregular-Shaped Form II
Use a Picture Box as a Graphics Text Box
User-Drawn Font List/Font Combo Controls With a WYSIWYG Display (Version 3.0)
Uses MouseDown, MouseMove, and MouseUp events To Draw Lines on Screen
Using OPCodes With PaintPicture()
Various Desktop Effects
VB Image Editor
VB Paint: Emulates MS Paint with Additional Features
Visual Basic Screen Saver
VoxelSpace - Realtime 3D Demo using Native VB
Wallpaper Changer (New Version)
Wallpaper Manager, Screensaver, and More
Water Drop Effect For The Desktop
Windowless, Sizable Rectangle
Wireframe 3D Engine
XEyes - Eyes That Track Cursor Position (.NET)
Zooms, scales an image

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