Cuts pictutres easily and put the region in another picture box.
Dancing Baby Screen Saver
Demo of Various Animation Techniques w/Picture Box
Desktop Magnifier
Detect Motion on a Videogram Streaming from a Web Cam
Digital Image Processing Application
Direct X Matrix Like Effect
DirectAnimation Text Rotation Control
Display Colorful, Randomized Full-Screen Patterns
Display Images in a Picture Box or Default Viewer
Display Information About Each Attached Monitor
Display Rotated Text in a Picture Box or Window
Draw 3D Lines and Boxes Demo
Draw a Dotted Selection Box
Draw a Gradient Either Horizontally, Vertically, or in a Circle
Draw a Gradient Within a Picture Box
Draw an Arc in VB 6
Draw Arcs on a Form
Draw Chinese Tai Chi Oracle on a Form
Draw Circles of Different Size and Color With a Mouse Click
Draw Circles With Outlines
Draw Inner Circles of Different Size and Color
Draw Line
Draw Mode, Draw Style, and FillStyle Demo
Draw Shapes, Lines and More with DXFWriter v.1.0
Draw using PSET ( simple example )
Draw Your Own Menus to make Office-style picture menus
Drawing Angles Demo Version 1.5
Drawing Graphics Via The Clipboard
Drawing Lines to Grid Points, with Snap to Grid Feature
Drawing Program
Draws a gradient from one color to another with Win32 API
Dxsma(Pre-Alpha) , Directx helping functions(DLL)
Dynamic Picture Resizing
Easy Tile Demo
Easy way to Get the Dimensions of an Image
Enter command and the program will then draw
EPaint - Complete Photo/Image Editor
Extract an Icon From a Binary File
Extract Default Icon for a Given File Extension
Extract The Red, Green and Blue Values From a Long
Fade Text in a TextBox from ForeGround to BackGround Color
Fake 3D Punching
Fast GreyScaling Using Byte Arrays
Fast Per Pixel Alpha Blending using API Calls
Files and Graphics Drag and Drop Quick Viewer
Fill a Region of a Picture Manually
Fill a region of a picture using the ExtFloodFill API
Fireworks Effects
Form Gradient Using Only Three Lines Of Code

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