Change The Windows Wallpaper
Changing a colour to GREYSCALE
Changing a VB Picture Object Pixel by Pixel
Character Map
Checkerboard Screen Saver
Chessboard Screen Saver Version 2.0
Christmas Tree Screen Saver
Circle Color Gradient
Circle, Semi-Circle, and Oval Drawer
Circular Form/Image Rotation Demo
Clip a StdPicture Image without Using an Intermediary Control
Collision Detection and Evasion Demo
Color Chooser
Color Gradient Box
Color Gradient over a Form - No API Call
Color Guide for VB Applications
Color Pallette
Color Picker
Color Picker Controls
Color Picker: Returns Exact Value of Color From Image in PictureBox
Color Selection Using ChooseColorAPI Function
Color Tools: Color Picker and Color Value Slider
Color, AlphaBlending, Transparant, Limited API Usage
Color/Font Code Viewer,Selector, and Builder
Colorful Screen Saver
Colorful, Full Screen Pattern
Combine Two Pictures Transparently
Comprehensive Graphics Programming Tutorials With Examples
Conver a VB Color to RGB
Convert Across Units of Measurements
Convert any color into a web-safe color.
Convert Icon files to bitmaps, and vice versa
Convert VBColor to Hexadecimal Format
Cool Progress Bars
Copying Graphics
Count Unqiue Colors Quickly
Covnert 3 Images to 3D Objects
Create a Counter/Scorekeeper using Graphics
Create a Custom Grid and Access its Cells
Create a Perfect Gradient between ANY 2 colors
Create a Sizable Ruler with Position Indicator
Create Drop Shadows
Create Gradient Effects on Forms or Picture Boxes
Create Gradient Text Effects with no API call, v2
Create Masked Alpha Blends
Create Rotated, Embossed, Engraved and Gradient Text Effects
Create Sin-Cosine Animated Effects
Create Tiled Backgrounds
Creating and manipulating 3D anaglyphic images
Creating Dithering Effects

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