Intermediate Page 3

Graphics Functions Using msimg32.dll (Windows 98/2000 only)
Graphics Methods Using Implements Keyword
Graphics Viewer with Drag/Drop and Drag to Open Features
Graphics Viewer With SlideShow Feature
Homer Simpson Skin Screen Saver
Icon Editor II
Image and Picture Viewer With Zoom and Print Features
Image Browser and Viewer
Image Rotater
Image Viewer With Thumbnail Capabilities
InsincroCad - Simple geometric draw application
Line Drawing Class
Magical LED Star
Map Maker
Mask Creator
Matrix/Graphics Effects Using ExtFloodFill API Function
Mulit-Directional Gradient
Multi-icon Extractor
My-Sketch: A Paint Program Similar to Etch-A-Sketch
Obtain Current and Maximum Screen Display and Color Resolution
Output Text Characters Using Win32 API (Article)
Paint Program
Paint Program 2
Permit User Resizing of Graphics
Photo Viewer and Drawing Application
Pic Pac: Image Editor
Place A Tiled Background On A Form
Popupper 1.0 - Create MSN Messanger style Popups
Progress bar using Picture box
Progress Bar with Optional Label and Color Setting
Random Flying Balls Screen Saver
Randomly Generates Animated Lines That Move Across the Screen
Randomly Select the Desktop Wallpaper
Real Time Texture Mapped 3D in Pure VB Code
Real-time Analog Arabic Clock
Real-time flames without using palettes or pictures
Render the Sierpinski Triangle Fractal
Resize Graphics Proportionally
Return image type and size from JPEG, GIF, BMP, & PNG files.
Return Image Type and Size from JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and TIFF files.
Return Information About Bitmap Files
Rotate Text Using DirectX
RRS PaintLib v3.0.7
Screen Capture From Desktop to an Image Control
Screen Saver Template
ScreenSaver that Inverts the Desktop to GreyScale
Scrolling RichTextBox pixel by pixel
Scrolling Text in a Picturebox Using BitBlt API function
Seizure Program
Simple 3D Text Creator

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